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In the philosophy of Jinjiawei, after-sale service is the most important phase in sales. It is the real beginning rather than the end of sales.

We undertake that:

1. We will provide warranty and life-time maintenance service for those that purchase our equipment, who will be entitled in lifetime to provision of parts and components, drop-in service and transportation at the most reasonable costs beyond warranty period.

2. Generally, the warranty period of the equipment begins from the delivery of the machine. The warranty period for major components of the machine (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and digital control components) is 12 months and that for vulnerable parts is 3 months. However, for any failure arising from human factors, accidents, improper operations or force majeure, we are not obligated to provide warranty and will only provide service deemed as service beyond warranty period.

3. The pre-sale training and training service for first installation, debugging and operation are free of charge.

Jinjiawei has established sales and aftersales offices in most regions in the country, and we are in the closest place to you and always ready to serve you.

We acknowledge that:

We will communicate and handle through telephone within 4 hours upon receipt of your feedback call.

If telephone communication cannot solve the problem, we undertake to drop by within 24 hours to solve problems in Guangdong, neighboring provinces and regions in Middle China, South China, and North China, where aftersales offices are established.

For the other regions, we will strive to provide drop-in service within 48 hours, and not exceeding 72 hours under special circumstances.